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  • Introducing Bahaoa - Eco-Friendly and Ethical Knitwear from Colombia
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Introducing Bahaoa - Eco-Friendly and Ethical Knitwear from Colombia

Bahaoa Cardigan

What happens when you mix fresh design with centuries old knitting and weaving techniques? Bahaoa! That's what! We are thrilled to be part of this company's American debut, offering for the first time in the US in our South American Collection, their warm and wooly ponchos and cardigans, direct from Cundinamarca, in the heart of Colombia. 

Constructed by women in the small but ancient town of Zipaquirá, Bahaoa's products merge stylish design with ancestral techniques and high-quality, dye free wool resulting in warm and water resistant pieces that are made to last.

The company was founded by a sister team who have bridged the miles between them through their entrepreneurial venture.  Alejandra in Alicante, Spain manages the company's business development and promotions while Maria in Colombia designs and works closely with the company's artisans. Both work to stay true to their founding principles of classic Colombian products to market ethically and ecologically. What results is a line of traditionally inspired cold weather wear that is oh so CultureBaby. We are delighted to have them.


Bahaoa artisan
A Bahaoa Artisan in a grown-up version of their poncho

Alejandra, half of Bahaoa's sister team, at home in Spain. 


Zipaquirá, Columbia where Bahaoa products are made. 


  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • ColumbiaFair Tradehandmade

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