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Up and Away with Little Passports

If you are a CultureBaby shopper, chances are you are always on the look out for more items and ideas that can help you to immerse your little one in world cultures. If so, then you can't miss out on Little Passports.

My kids first became acquainted with Little Passports when a little blue old-fashioned suitcase arrived in the mail two months ago. Next came a large envelope with a BRAZIL stamp on it. My kids immediately knew it was for them and rushed to open it. Inside was their gateway to Brazil - a country they hadn't even heard of, but now, long to visit and learn as much as they can about. 

As a mother it doesn't get better than this! I felt like a loving, caring, teaching mom. I knew enough to trust that little blue suitcase from Little Passports would open their mind, imagination and eyes to new things. 

So let me take a step back here. When you sign up with Little Passports, you immediately receive a little blue suitcase in the mail. Inside is a map (which my nine year old daughter quickly taped to her room wall), a passport, a postcard and an activity sheet.

You immediately learn that Sam and Sofia are two kids that travel around the world with their magic scooter sharing their adventures. After that, every month you get a package of mementoes or gifts from Sam & Sofia's trip somewhere else in the world. The gifts include multiple stickers, a postcard, an activity sheet, and passes for online access of games.  

Inside was also something very special - an amethyst from the mines of Maraba, Brazil! My kids loved it and have put it in a "treasure box" that they made just to showcase this rock! Now when their friends come over they proudly show it off.

After my two older kids (aged 9 and 5) went through everything, they went online to search for more information on Brazil. They looked at pictures, read about the rainforest and even found some fun, local music and dance videos! They could have been playing online games or fighting or begging me to watch TV...but instead they were actively seeking out even more knowledge about a country that they didn't know about a few days before. I say that's a sure win - for me and for them!

The only drawback is now hassling me to plan a trip to the rainforest...if only we could!

  • Monica Dreger
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