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Behind the Scenes with the CultureBaby Moms

We are well tucked into 2014 now and, in spite of all the curve balls mother nature has thrown at us, so much has already happened and is set to happen here at CultureBaby.  We are preparing to launch our brand new and updated website in the coming weeks, which will offer you both new products and a more in depth look at your favorite CultureBaby partners. We can't wait to hear what you think!

We also hope you have enjoyed all that we have offered up through our CultureBaby blog about living vibrant lives with kids. There is much more to come but we thought we'd give you a little behind the scenes look at our, occasionally vibrant, occasionally hectic lives with our kids (two of them at least!) and turn the interview microphones on ourselves for a while. So here is a little more about the CultureBaby moms....



Monica (left) and Natalia (right). 

Favorite go - to, "i forgot to shop" meal for the kids: 

Natalia: Hotdogs, corn and egg scramble. I swear its awesome. 

Monica: Egg-in-hole. Somehow we convinced the kids this is a rare delicacy.

Favorite indulgence food:

N: Pure Cadbury's Chocolate.

M: Sour Cream Potato chips are my weakness.

Favorite foreign word that had no English translation:

N: "Apetece" in Spanish. Means almost "I crave or need to taste" something. 

M: "Parea" in Greek. Means your group of loyal/intimate friends. 

Trip you are glad you took pre-kids:

N: Vietnam because the romantic "junks" or sailboats are kiddie free. But I would gladly go back with kids.

M: India. We were there for a month and got to experience all the highs and lows that could never have happened trekking with three children. 

Trip you can't wait to take your kids on:

N: Windsor Castle. I grew up near there and thought it was the coolest place. 

M: Italy. My son's godfather has a house there so it is definitely on the 2014 plan. We have been practicing by eating lots of pasta and pizza!

Phrase you clearly taught your kid that they now use against you:

N: "You watch yourself"

M: "Make wise choices" and "Only boring people get bored".


Worst travel-with-kids story:

N: We flew New York to Paris when my son was 18 months. Too young for Ipads or movies (not like we didn't try mind you). He slept the first 15 minutes and then insisted on spending the remaining 7 hours walking the aisles, poking sleeping people.

M: I fly to our summer home in Greece alone with the kids every year. Last year I sat next to a lady and her 4 kids. She got sick on the flight and I ended up watching 7 kids for 11 hours. I still need a drink whenever I think about it. 

Best travel-with-kids advice:

N: Candy, Movies, Earplugs. No seriously, the getting there might stink but the memories are well worthwhile. 

M: This day will end no matter how bad it is. And then you can tell funny stories about it! 



 Photos taken by www.dougschneiderphoto.com



  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
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