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Petit Zarafa - Play with Languages

Happy April dear readers! Spring has sprung and here at CultureBaby, we have loved being in communication with more and more of your through our blog, Facebook page and Twitter. One of the shared loves and concerns of our customers is raising their kids in multilingual households.  How do I share my family language with my kids, how do I develop their love of language learning? While we love blogging about these perennial favorite topics and seeking out fun products that celebrate language, we aren't often able to bring you an actionable solution to your queries....until now!

Frequent readers may remember my post last year about my trip to Tangiers, Morocco to meet with Julie Klear...one half of the design duo behind the award winning Zid Zid Kids. You can still find some of Zid Zid's great items on CultureBaby

Now Julie and her husband Moulay have brought their considerable talents to a new enterprise, Petit Zarafa, a play-based language learning subscription service that integrates multimedia with hands on activities to teach toddlers and pre-schoolers Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French or English. 

Through cooking, imaginary play, music and more children build a foreign language vocabulary as well as other vital skills and a deeper connection with world cultures. What could be better? 

Petit Zarafa is currently raising funds through Indiegogo to launch this impressive service and CultureBaby customers, we are sure, will be among the earliest and most enthusiastic backers. Different pledge levels will earn you various goodies...discounted subscriptions, Zid Zid merchandise...up to a customized Tangiers tour which I can personally vouch for!

Head on over to the Indiegogo campaign page to hearJulie and Moulay tell you more in a video and stay tuned until the end to also meet their wonderful and multilingual kiddos, Noor and Zak. You can also get much more fantastic information about the activities you will be bonding with your little one over this coming summer. 

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • bilingual kidsMorocco

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