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Espadrilles: Tradition meets style!

As the weather starts to heat up here in the northeastern US, it is once again the perfect time to pull out your trusty pair of espadrilles!

The espadrille is a classic style of shoe that amazingly enough, can trace its history back centuries and yet, is still seen on the most stylish feet today.  Espadrilles are made using braided jute, a plant fiber braided into a rope to make the sole, molded into vulcanized rubber for support and grip, and then topped with a hand sewn canvas.  This process has remained relatively unchanged for many years, even in the face of mass production and the changing tides of fashion.  

From an ancient pair discovered in Spain and dated to roughly 4000BC, to pairs worn by infantry soldiers in 13th Century Spain, to classic the black "alpargatas" of Catalan Sardanes dancers, espadrilles can boast a proud history....as well as a level of comfort thats hard to find in other footwear!

Our baby espadrilles at Culture Baby come from Casa Hernanz, one of the oldest "alpagaterias" in Madrid, just north of the Plaza Mayor.    While they don't have a website of their own, you can see them profiled on esmadrid.com.  No trip to Spain's capital is complete without a stop at Casa Hernanz to browse the shelves and shelves of espadrilles in myriad colors and styles! 

If you can't make it to Spain this spring to secure your grown-up summer footwear to match your baby's Culture Baby espadrilles, check out espadrillestore.com.  Not only to they have an excellent selection for adults and kids, their customer service is top-notch AND it is a family owned and operated business.  Visit their website and stop to check out their wonderful "making of" and "history of" the espadrille pages for more info on these versatile shoes!

If you haven't already secured a pair for baby's tiny toes - make sure that you pay a visit to our Spain collection! If you are looking for a perfect summer shower gift, consider pairing them with our Spanish onesies and cap in our "From Spain with Love" gift set or with our Indian burp cloths and blankets in our Summer gift set.






  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • SpainTraditional craft

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