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Culture Baby Packaging ~ Sustainability Courtesy of Distant Village

 One of the very first things we knew at Culture Baby was that our operations, from our day to day activities to our inventory choices to our packaging needed to be green.  After all - when you shop for baby you want to make sure that your decisions are helping to leave the world a better place.   Not to mention that the green choice is often the safest - meaning that the production is organic or non-toxic in addition to being eco-friendly and sustainable.

This was why we were so pleased to link up with Distant Village.  An early supporter of the Culture Baby idea, Distant Village supplied us with the beautiful wild grass boxes made in the Philippines that we use in our Summer Gift sets, From Spain with Love sets and to house our espadrilles and booties.  We also use Distant Village Wild Grass paper for our labels and product descriptions as well as marketing materials wherever possible!  The paper is 100% recyclable, compostable, chlorine free.....at Culture Baby, we even turn remainders from our labels into stuffings for our baskets with our trusty shredder!

Distant Village and Culture Baby have many core-values in common.  We share a belief in authenticity, supporting local entrepreneurs and artisans, as well as a fascination with bringing traditional craftsmanship to a modern audience.  Furthermore, Distant Village is a role model for Culture Baby in the way they emphasize a human-centered approach in all aspects of their business - dealing with their producers, partners and customers in a way that makes you a brand devotee....i.e - writing blog posts about how great they are!

This business ethos is spearheaded and constantly reinforced by Rich Cohen, the company's president and founder.  Mr. Cohen is a man to admire and emulate whether you are a start-up entrepreneur or a high-flying executive for his ability to merge large-scale production and cutting edge design with authentic sustainability and ethical business practices.  This convergence has resulted in many accolades and awards not only from the green and fair trade industry but from those in the hard-nosed, cut-throught world of business.  Cohen clearly puts in to practice what he calls "kind capitalism".   

To read more about Distant Village and its Founder Rich Cohen visit www.distantvillage.com


  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • about CultureBabyfair-trade

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