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Batik Print and the Women of Ghana

If you have been admiring our new collection of Batik printed bibs, booties and baby girl dresses for their inherent cuteness, you can now also admire their backstory!  Culture Baby's Batik pieces come to us from Ghana in Western Africa through Global Mamas, a non-profit and fair trade organization promoting African crafts to help the women who make them become more financially independent.  

   All Global Mama's items are made in women-owned businesses, helping the workers gain economic independence by paying them fair-trade wages for their handmade batik apparel. The organization also works to ensure that each woman, lovingly handcrafting each piece, is working in safe and sanitary working conditions, without the use of child labor, and using local resources and environmentally friendly methods.

Though born in East Asia, the tradition of batik has been woven into Ghanaian and wider African culture for many years.  The lengthy traditional process, involving dying the calico cotton fabric, carving of the wax stamps, and printing of the final product has been passed down to generations of Ghanaian women.  

Every batik printed dress, shoe or bib that you get through Culture Baby comes with a Global Mama's label telling you exactly which artisan made your particular piece.  You can go further then, and visit Global Mama's website to click on Meet the Women and learn more about the "mama" who made your item!  Also take some time to read more about the fascinating history and method of batik printing.   


  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • AfricaGhanaTraditional craft

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  • Jun 24, 2012

    This does look promising. I’ll keep cmonig back for more.

    — Trinity

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