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Our Winter Warmers warm heads and hearts

The winter weather is headed our way on both sides of the Atlantic!  With Monica in New York working through the remnants of nasty Hurricane Sandy and Natalia in Morocco where rainy season is in full swing, we are focusing on ways to keep our babies toasty from head to toe.  So we have a fun selection of winter wear now available at Culture Baby!

We are very pleased that both of these new products not only highlight their cultural origins but also pay homage to the natural life of their home countries.  Preservation of wildlife is very high on our radar as we look for products that are not only responsibly and sustainably made but whose manufacturers give back as well.  Saving a country's indigenous fauna from extinction is a noble cause and one very much in keeping with our goals of leaving this world a better place for our little ones.  Nothing is sadder than thinking they might grow up in a world where certain animals live only in legend.  

Joining our Central Asian collection, our snow leopard booties come to us courtesy of the Snow Leopard Trust, which seeks to preserve the elusive and greatly endangered Snow Leopard of the region (estimates suggest there may only be 6000 of these quiet and fascinating creatures left in the wild).

In our Made in the USA collection, we present our Grey Wolf Spirit Hoods which are made of faux fur and seek to help baby capture the spirit of the wolf, an endangered species native to the US which features greatly in Native American culture.  Spirit Hoods takes profits from sales of these hoods to help donate to various non-profits that focus on preserving various species.  

We hope you love these winter warmers as much as we do!  Both these items look SO cute on, we would love to see some pictures of your little ones all bundled up....either in these items or others.  Send us pictures via Facebook or Twitter....how do you keep you wee ones warm?

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • Central Asia

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