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Interview with Poppy UK designer Bryony Richardson

With last summer's London Olympics and now a new royal baby on the way, everyone seems to have Brit-fever!  To wit, we thought we would take a moment to shine a very worthy spotlight on our collection of uk-made Poppy dresses and the creative mind behind them.  We think that there is something about these delicious confections that are just quintessentially British...so we asked designer Bryony Richardson how they (and she!) got that way.

Culture Baby: How did you first get the idea for Poppy and Fred?  We love that kids can wear their favourite stories!

Bryony Richardson: I was looking at a lovely children's story book one day and thinking how nice that would be if I could put the stories on dresses. This way girls would enjoy wearing their clothes more and would look forward to the next adventure. I loved the idea of putting illustrations on clothing. Shouldn't every piece of clothing have a story behind it ? 

CB: Why was it important to you to keep your printing and manufacturing operations in the UK? 

BR: There is so much detail in the fabrics, they can be difficult to print. But for me it's not just about keeping control. It's so important that we support our own suppliers, printers , manufactures.  If we don't, we won't always have the choice and all those skills will be lost along with the passion and pride we have in a UK made product.  


CB: We love how the London dresses capture the spirit of the capital!  What is uniquely British to you about Poppy?

BR: To me all of it is English. The experiences of Poppy and Fred are unique to England. With The London print, it was especially important to me to capture the scale of the city and the feeling of being so small in such a big place. 

CB: Were you raised in England?  What are your favourite things about living there?

BR: I was raised in the north of England. I had an idilic childhood. I was brought up on a farm and was free to wander and play in the fields and the rivers near by. So my favourite things are the dramatic changes in the seasons and all the colours that come with that...the British countryside is particularly beautiful.  I also love that Britain has great diversity among its people, as well as our capacity for storytelling and our legendary British humor!

CB: We are coming up on the holidays...what traditions do you like to practice at home?

The main one is Sunday supper:  meat, roasted potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and stuffing . This is the best meal and a great family time. 

Our thanks to Bryony Richardson for taking the time to talk with Culture Baby!

Poppy designer Bryony Richardson with colleague Hannah Mortland

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • Partner ProfilesUK

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