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A Little Mandarin Music

I am no fan of children's sing-a-long music as a general rule.  It is usually too cloying or sticks in your brain like gum in your hair. But when it is done right, a children's music CD can be enjoyable for both kids and parents.  Done well, it can also teach you both a little something.  And such is the case with the new album of Mandarin children's songs from A Little Mandarin.  

Executive produced by Shanghai native and present-day New Yorker Toni Wang, the album offers Chinese children's classics that are freshly interpreted and beautifully performed.  Toni, a mother of 3, launched the project when she could find only "grating" versions of the music she grew up with to play for her own kids.

A "CultureBaby" mom par excellence, Toni is always on the lookout for ways to bring authentic culture home to her children.  As New Yorkers, her family takes full advantage of the diverse cultural offerings around the city. At home, Toni speaks Mandarin to the children while her husband, who is Quebecois, speaks French.  

Toni's professional production has succeeded in releasing a CD that all ages and speakers of all languages can enjoy.  Click below for samples of the tunes; be sure to take a listen to Toni's own kids favorites: Two Tigers (a widely known Chinese classic) and Little Ducklings. 

In honor of the Year of the Snake, A Little Mandarin is offering a free download of the Chinese language Happy New Year Song.  So head on over to A Little Mandarin's Facebook or Twitter page, hit them with a little "like" or "follow" love, and happy listening!



  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • ChineseMusicraising global kids

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