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Now taking Pre-Orders! Spring brings Moroccan and Mediterranean finds for CultureBaby


Here at CultureBaby, we are always on the look out for new products from innovative designers from around the world who are putting a new spin on traditional baby and kids wear and clothes.  As loyal followers of our Facebook and Twitter feeds will know, I've been on a long term visit to Morocco, scoping out all the exciting items on offer here in North Africa and around the Mediterranean.  

It has been an exciting and rewarding last 6 months and we are proud as peacocks to begin to offer you the fruits of our labors here on our site.  In order to offer you the largest selection of products and options of colors and sizes, we have worked with some of the best companies we have found on this side of the Atlantic to offer our customers an opportunity to pre-order items arriving in our upcoming shipments.  

Throughout this Spring and Summer, we will be regularly adding new and exciting products from Morocco and around the Mediterranean and inviting you to save 10% by placing a pre-order to make sure your purchase is included in our very first shipment back home. 

When you pre-order, you will not only save on our latest finds, but be among the first Stateside to acquire these CultureBaby exclusives. You will also have access to sizes and colors that may not be available once our order leaves its origin. Remember, we often work with small scale entrepreneurs fashioning handmade or custom items that will be as cute as they are unique.

We are more than excited to offer you this opportunity and hope that you will share it with all your friends. Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be updated on the upcoming pre-order sales, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

First up, is an item that is a very special blend of tradition and modern design, these mes premieres souliers Baby Booties.  Conceived in by a French designer, born in Morocco.  Click here to read all about them on our blog.

~ Natalia


From left to right, our recent travels in Tunisia, Morocco, Greece and Spain.
  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • about CultureBabyMoroccotravel with kids

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