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The Birth of a Bootie

Greetings from Rabat, Morocco! 

One of the most exciting opportunities I have had as the founder of CultureBaby has been to travel to Morocco for a year to explore the country and its culture...all the while looking for the next great baby or children's product to send home to our CultureBaby moms and friends.

When I first saw Catherine Gozard's mes premiers souliers collection, right here under my nose in Rabat, I knew it was the perfect choice for our customers.  The booties are not only the cutest little things I have every held in my hands (my own baby excluded of course) but they have taken the traditional Moroccan leather slipper or "babouche", omnipresent on the streets of any Moroccan medina, and re-invented them for the newest generation.

Working closely with leather artisan Mohammed in Rabat's famed Rue des Consuls neighborhood, Catherine designed and oversaw the creation of these marvelous, hand sewn shoes for babies.  She was kind enough to take me along as I commissioned a unique selection of colors for CultureBaby. I hope you will enjoy seeing these images of the birth of a bootie almost as much as you'll enjoy seeing them on the tootsies of your own little one!  



Catherine and I set off down the Rue des Consuls

Traditional Moroccan slippers or "babouches" that were the inspiration for Mes Premiers Souliers

Catherine and I discuss the perfect color combinations of leather and cotton linings and laces.

Catherine inspects and chooses the leathers.

We meet with Mohammed, a trained leather artisan in his workshop.

A rainbow of fabric interiors

Mohammed sets about cutting the leather.

To the sewing machine!

Measuring each bootie to perfection

Almost done!

The final flourish!

Click here to purchase your own pair!

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • about CultureBabyMoroccoTraditional craft

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