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The Zid Zid Collection: Direct from Tangiers
Outside DARNA and the Zid Zid workshop

CultureBaby is very excited to announce its new, exclusive collection from famed Moroccan atelier, Zid Zid Kids.  Despite the heaps and heaps of laurels that have been bestowed on this unique design house, creative director Julie Klear Essakalli and her husband Moulay, the company's founders, are exceptionally kind and down to earth.  

Poufs under construction

I was lucky enough to be among the first to visit Julie at her new digs in Tangier, on Morocco's northern Mediterranean coast, where the company and family moved after 10 years in Marrakech. 

Zid Zid makes it a priority to work simply and sustainably and so has established itself inside DARNA, a non-profit organization serving women and children in need in the city, adding a vibrancy to the community there and showcasing their products as inspiration to those using the center to learn new crafts. Local Zid Zid staff are paid equitable wages and work to adapt their traditional skills to putting together Zid Zid's fantastic designs.  

From the company's founding 2003, Julie and Moulay have sought to translate Morocco's world renown craft traditions into beautiful, safe and sustainable products for children.  As parents of two themselves, they seem to know instinctively how to design practical, modern and fun toys, clothes and decor for all ages, all the while still keeping the spirit of Morocco.  

Inside DARNA

Our CultureBaby collection from Zid Zid features products that highlight the best practices of the company.  These girl's tunics and toy camels, available for the first time in the US exclusively through CultureBaby, are made using left over fabrics from local manufacturers...reducing the company's overall carbon footprint.  The tunics are styled after the Moroccan butterfly caftan, popular at formal events here.  And our toy camels are naturally an ode to the real camels and tunicsdeal...omnipresent in Morocco.

The camel and star poufs, a Zid Zid classic, are made using chemical and phalate-free vinyl (lined with up-cycled fabrics) and are safe for kids and the environment. Both we and Zid Zid ship these poufs empty , both to reduce the  cost and use of fuel for shipping AND to offer you the opportunity to engage your kids in selecting old toys, clothes or other materials to use as stuffing...a great lesson in reusing and recycling.  Once stuffed, these poufs make comfy (and wipeable!) chairs to jazz up any playroom or bedroom.  

We couldn't be more thrilled to showcase this Zid Zid Kids collection and hope that you will pre-order today to reserve your items for our very first shipment , arriving stateside June 15, 2013.  So Shookran (thanks) and M'salemeh (goodbye) for now! 

camel poufs

To read more about my day with Zid Zid Kids in Tangiers, you can visit my blog, The Culture Mum Chronicles.  


  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • MoroccoPartner Profiles

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