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Mallorca: Part 2
Arrived: Palma! As I am here on this particular buying trip with my son in tow, I have been enjoying kid-friendly attractions as well as investigating kid's wear for the next big CultureBaby thing. While I will soon have more to report about our new line of Menorcan sandals (currently available for pre-order) in the next few weeks, I have also been enjoying (stroller in tow) exploring the city of Palma, Mallorca's capital.  
Spain has a very particular, chic but quintessentially youthful take on children's clothing.  While here, I've loved seeing small independent boutiques as well as native chain stores like Tuc Tuc, all of which I hope will one day feature on CultureBaby! Spanish designers and entrepreneurs have a strong independent streak, often featuring bold patterns and graphics. Consider for example, AltoVolta, a Barcelona-born recent transplant to the island featuring vintage-inspired but definitively modern prints.  
But there is also a strong tradition of elegant children's wear in Spain at various price points from the sensible to the ludicrous.  Smock dresses are only the beginning.  If you are ever in need of formal wear for your kids, from birth to twelve, Spain is undeniably the place to shop.  For boys in particular, they have an extensive selection of stylish linen trousers, nehru-collar shirts, sweaters and blazers creating ensembles that are just if not more squee-worthy than girls dresses, a real rarity. Ideal for summer weddings.
We also had the chance to meet with Beatriz Zamora Rodriquez, the creative talent behind Antiqua Disseny, who will soon be making her US debut on CultureBaby. A native Madrileña who was living in Germany, Bea took a long weekend to Mallorca and, six years later, she is still here.  Her love for her adopted island, it's light, colors and ocean breezes, is infused throughout her collection of traditionally inspired cotton dresses and other items, soon to be premiered exclusively on CultureBaby. 
When our shopping was done, the baby and I set out for Palma's local beaches with our bucket and spade.  When the weather turned sour, we enjoyed city attractions like street performers and "chocolaterias", coffee shops whose main offering is typical thick Spanish chocolate...good for dipping a variety of sweet pastries.  Then on to Palma's popular aquarium to visit Europe's largest shark tank.  All in all, the island, for all that it is small packs a powerful punch.
  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • Spaintravel with kids

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