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Haiti Babi Blankets and the Baby Shower that Gives Back.

If you are anything like me, your mother's day chocolates disappeared shortly before the sunset on Monday evening and your roses have all now wilted.  Flowers and candy are not all that mother's day is about, I know...and my family makes be feel loved everyday of the year.  But how can we all work to keep mother's day an all-year round affair for mothers in need?  Mothers who are no less loved and valued by their families but perhaps...didn't get a chance to take a day off this past May 12th. 

Haitian family, all togetherIn Haiti, it is increasingly common for even the hardest working parents to be forced to place their beloved children in an orphanage's care when their meager wages cannot stretch to pay for housing, food or medical care. Haiti has been the poorest country in the Western hemisphere since before the dreadful earthquake that struck the country in 2010.  It remains one of the hardest places on earth to make a living and harder still to be a mother.

As you know, CultureBaby and its customers try to do their part by contributing to Midwives for Haiti through our Baby for Baby campaign and support their work to make the act of giving life in Haiti less perilous.  But raising a child is an ongoing challenge....so how can we continue to engage and assist Haitian moms?  

Enter Haiti Babi!

From the moment I heard about Haiti Babi, I knew that CultureBaby had to work with them. Company founder Katlin Jackson founded Haiti Babi not long after returning to her first visit to the country where she volunteered at an infant care center and orphanage.  There she met one-year old Sterly, who despite having loving parents had been staying at the orphanage since they had lost their struggle to keep him. Through the assistance of various non-profit organizations, Sterly was eventually able to return home.  But Katlin was inspired to find a more sustainable and on-going solution.

Katlin and Sterly

Haiti Babi is about giving mothers respectable and rewarding work with an income that they can depend on.  By bringing their exquisite hand-made, 100% cotton blankets to market in the US, Haiti Babi has given these moms access to the US market and a chance to retail their products at a equitable price as more and more American families vote with their pocketbooks and choose fair trade and quality items...especially for their children.

Haiti Baby Blanket

We are so proud to be able to feature the full line of Haiti Babi Products on our site and to team with Haiti Babi to offer a very special Baby Shower that Gives Back package. If you are shopping for a new mom, you know that as she prepares to meet her own child, she worries more and more for the future of the world and is developing a feeling of connection and compassion for other mothers.  

With the Baby Shower that Gives Back package, you can give her not only a Haiti Babi blanket to swaddle her own little one, but a $25 certificate of donation to Midwives for Haiti to let her know that your gift has also wrapped another child somewhere in the world with love.  If you are hosting the Baby Shower, the package also comes with a set of downloadable and printable shower decorations free of charge.  

So be sure to show your love and commitment for mothers when you celebrate the impending motherhood!  Click here to purchase your baby shower that gives back package now!  Or f you are lusting after a soft Haiti Babi blanket for your own little one, click here to purchase the blanket alone.

Doesn't making the world better for baby feel good?

Thank you!

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • Baby ShowersFair TradeHaiti

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