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Mallorca: Part 3

Well we have left Mallorca now but the island and the city of Palma still come flooding back to us whenever we don our stylish avarca sandals or cut off another slice of the sobrasada (like a spreadable chorizo) that we brought home with us!  Before we move on to other adventures, we wanted to recap for you the last of our local finds.

In the continuing baby-theme of the week, we rewarded the little one with a trip to My Little Place on Calle Set Cantons in Palma.  The store has a delightful vision and refreshing take on baby and kids clothes and entertain-ables. Carrying both famous labels and ones you've never heard of, the store's owners Virgina and Christina welcome little ones (sticky fingers and all) to play and explore their offerings.  We were lucky to come away with just a sticker books and a kite...baggage limits after all!

We also visited home decor store Kidshome which, though it lacks the intimacy of My Little Place, has an impressive selection of furnishings for the sophisticated global tot!  Kiddo loved the treehouse bed of course!  We also got a chance to visit the atelier of designer Beatriz Zamora Rodriguez of Antiqua Disseny who I introduced in my Mallorca Part II post.  Beatriz works in a sun-bathed five-room 18th century apartment in central Palma with divine traditional tiled flooring and all the inspiration she need to create her girl's summer dress collection.  Now on CultureBaby, we are featuring two of her one-of-kind collections, photographed here in-situ in the atelier.  We were thrilled to get an inside look at her process and the kiddo was thrilled to chase Beatriz's cat.







On from there to the S'Avam flagship store in Palma to meet with our vendors for our Menorcan Avarca collection. We learnt more about the long tradition of making avarcas in the Balearic islands. Highly-skilled cobblers shape leathers and vulcanize rubber together to make highly durable but excessively comfortable summer sandals. I was able to pick up a full size pair for myself and I would be loathe not to offer the same to our loyal readers!  If you are interested in adult size avarcas so you can match your little one...email us!  

But don't forget, all our avarcas are shipping June 15 so lock in your pre-order today for our baby avarcas, toddler avarcas or our older kids styles in glittergecko.

We were very sorry to leave Mallorca.  The sun, the atmosphere, and the fountains (oh how we loved the fountains)!  But we are thrilled to be now offering several of our finds on the site and look forward to bringing you more soon!  To read more about this trip, see our Mallorca Part 2 and Mallorca Part 1 posts.




  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • Spaintravel with kids

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  • May 27, 2013

    Thank you Natalia for your visit. We loved having you in our “Little Place”. Luckily there internet to be connected even if you’re far away. Good luck with all your future endeavors and congratulations on your work so far. Kisses.

    — Cristina

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