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AltoVolta: Spanish for Urban, Trendy and Eco-friendly

AltoVolta Ray T-shirt

The story of how CultureBaby met AltoVolta is one of serendipity.  On our much blogged about recent scouting trip to Mallorca, we strolled by the small but instantly inviting storefront of Lotamoka.  Since the principle objector to shopping was napping peacefully in his stroller, we stopped in to browse and say hello to store-owner Carlos.

Lotamoka storefront

Carlos, we quickly learned, is the graphic designer behind the arresting and oh-so-modern prints gracing the onesies and t-shirts of the AltoVolta line for sale at Lotamoka.  Along with his wife Moira, a textile designer, Carlos has turned AltoVolta into a statement brand.  Working out of their Palma-atelier, the couple works its original designs onto shirts with an "Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Stamp"...meaning that the creation of the material has a carbon footprint as close to zero as can be managed.  Going further still, AltoVolta adheres to the good practice code of rights at work set forth by the Fair Trade Foundation and Social Accountability International.

Helicopter Onesie from AltoVolta

A Californian by birth, Carlos was raised in Mallorca and married Vancouverite Moira after meeting in Barcelona.  Their move to Palma and the opening of their storefront there now allows them to fully express their global background and artistic impulses.  Visit the store and you will be treated not only to children's wear but home decor, gear for grown ups and other innovative goodies....but thats for another blog and another day!

We were bowled over by the high quality construction of their pieces and picked two of our favorites to offer to CultureBaby shoppers.  We feel that the onesies and t-shirts from AltoVolta, available exclusively in the US through CultureBaby, are hip, unisex, and fun.  We hope you'll agree.  They are on pre-order now through July 15th!  Do not miss out! Shop from our Southern Europe Collection now.





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