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Oh Say Can You See....Homespun Vintage & Our American Collection

With the 4th of July fast approaching (as is my return to the US from Morocco), we are feeling very positive on the good old USA!  When you are abroad, you renew your appreciation for all the things you usually take for granted at home...for me, that's Whole Foods, working playground equipment and traffic laws.

My recent travels might had led me to believe that other countries had the corner on fancy and creative kids clothes.  But Homespun Vintage has changed my mind.  We are so happy to report that they have been added to our American collection that we want to launch some early fireworks!

Homespun vintage

Homespun Vintage is the brainchild of two Los Angeles based Moms, Kathlene and Corrie.  Both have a passion for vintage, nostalgia-inducing pieces and a yen for the wonder years gone by.  By reclaiming and re-imagining pre-loved pieces, they have brought together a kid's line that to us, captures everything great about being a kid in America.  The pieces are creative, fun and so wearable.  

Launched in 2011, the same year as CultureBaby, we feel a special affinity for these delightful moms and their modern take on traditional textiles and cuts.  We hope you will enjoy shopping their complete collection, on sale in our USA shop, the finest curated selection of American made products for kids on the web, until July 4!


  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • USA

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