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Israel: Part 1

For our next foray out into the world in search of adventure and the next big thing in your little one's closet, CultureBaby headed to Israel!  We started our visit in the ancient and conflicted city of Jerusalem.  Since we were traveling with the baby, we kept at first to the new town, which offered broad boulevards and modern pedestrian walkways and shopping areas, ideal for wandering with strollers.  

Food options abounded and we took full advantage before plunging into the old town.  We particularly loved the night life at the Old Railway Station, now converted into a dynamic outdoor shopping space and music venue. We sampled fantastic fish at Adom restaurant (4 David Remez, 02-6246242).  It was a lovely family night out...both because of and in spite of rentable tot-sized ATVs....watch your ankles is all I can say!

Not far from the the outdoor Mamilla mall, we also came upon Barood Bar Restaurant (31 Jaffa Street,  02-6259081), tucked away in a shady alley....both the cool and the refreshments were very welcome as the thermostat climbed. Then bracing ourselves for the cobblestones and steps, we steered the stroller into the heart of the old city and made for the famous Western or Wailing wall and the Dome of the Rock.

It isn't hard to convince yourself, at certain winding points in the old souk, that you never left Morocco. But despite the familiar bumpity bump of the stroller over the uneven pavements the details are very different. The scents, the goodies on sale and the creative arts being practiced are all very different.  We particularly loved the George and Dorin Sandrouni Workshop and Showroom. You can see a talented circle of ladies hand-painting traditional Armenian ceramics: trays, tiles and plates and of course buy a sample.  Baby enjoyed stopping for fresh pancakes and pomegranate juice!

Fresh pancakes in Jerusalem's soukPomegranate juice in Old Jerusalem

But my big CultureBaby discovery came back out in the new town.  While walking down Bezalel Street, a familiar logo caught my eye. I had previously seen Barbara Shaw's playful and colorful designs at a New York trade show.  But it was great to see them "in situ".  One of two Jerusalem locations, the Bezalel store offers a complete selection of Shaw's fantastic baby and kids designs: onesies and t-shirts with charming expressions in Hebrew and English.  Of course Shaw has other offering outside the baby and kids market, but we were naturally drawn to her selection for "bubbelehs" and "mini mensch"






















True to the tag line, Barbara's gifts certainly make you smile!  We headed back to the hotel happy but exhausted to pack for our onward trip up north.  Stay tuned for more in Israel, Part 2! 



  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
  • IsraelJerusalemTravel with kids

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