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October's CultureBaby Mom: Anh in San Francisco

With her new baby just now nearing the 1 month mark, Anh in San Francisco may rank as our newest CultureBaby mom.  But you wouldn't know it to look at her!  Best known for her very readable, very stylish blog, 9to5 chic, Anh walks a fine line (in heels, natch!) between making fashion aspirational and achievable...all the more impressive now that she is doing it all with a newborn.
Anh Modeling and blogging her finds, working full time AND being a wife and new mom, Anh found a moment to talk with us about life in cosmopolitan San Francisco and how fashion and motherhood can coexist!
Where do you live now and with who?

I live with my husband and my little one, Lucia, in San Francisco.  

San Francisco has a reputation as being a very international city with diverse cultures, and opportunities for dining and events.  What are some of the aspects of cultural San Francisco that you are looking forward to introducing your new baby to?  

Having Lucia grow up with a lot of diversity is really important to my husband and I and it's the reason we have loved living in San Francisco together for almost 7 years.  We're especially looking forward to having her experience food from every culture - there's no better place for it than SF!
Anh and Baby 
You seem to be taking motherhood in very chic stride! How do you keep yourself focused on your work and your personal style with baby in tow?  

I'll be returning to work in a few short weeks but I've been having a great time styling my new post-baby body. It's a fun challenge to find clothes and put together outfits that speak to my personal style but also allow me to nurse Lucia while on the go. Right now it's all about comfort and ease for baby - the trickier outfits just aren't worth the effort yet! 
Finally - what are some or one of your favorite items on CultureBaby and why!  
This arrow onesie is just darling! I'm crazy about this pom pom garland, it would be such a cute addition to a nursery!  And this camel plush toy is exactly the type of souvenir I would love to bring home to Lucia.

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