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November's CultureBaby Mom: Zoie of Kid & Coe


We are beyond jazzed to introduce Zoie Kingsbery Coe as our November CultureBaby Mom!  We at CultureBaby have spent far too much time this month in full wanderlust mode on her site, Kid & Coe, drooling and dreaming over the perfectly curated collection of child-friendly accommodations available around the world.  

It has taken extraordinary will-power not to schedule all upcoming personal and professional travel solely around what Kid & Coe has to offer.  Thankfully though, that's quite a lot! And those offerings are spread far and wide, from Porto to the Cotswolds, Tel Aviv to Upstate New York, the Swiss Alps to Los Angeles.  Zoie and her team have sought out hosts to put their stylish homes at your disposal that welcome rather than shun families.  

Since we at CultureBaby are in favor of anything that helps us and you get on the road with the littles, we needed to know more about how Zoie arrived at this brilliant idea and how she has grown this ingenious operation out of her travel with kids savvy. Be sure to visit the site for new destinations, Paris and Amsterdam, and to sign up for their newsletter with properties still available for the Christmas/New Year season.

Where do you live now and with who?
I’m currently in New York City with my family; we live away in London and Ibiza in the summer. We try to go as soon as the kids are out of school! 

Tell us about the exciting launch of Kid and Coe!  We understand it grew organically out of your needs as a traveling family?
That’s right - our personal experience as a family made me realise that there was a need for a company offering stylish, family friendly rentals around the world.

We were on tour in Sydney and had checked into the Four Seasons, planning to stay there for a few weeks. But within two days we realized it wasn’t going to work for us as a family. Once Luca was asleep at night, we didn’t have enough room. We would be existing on room service and just needed more room as a family. 

When I started the process of looking for an apartment to rent, it took days. Most were unsuitable for a young child. I had to go and personally check them all out. When we found somewhere that did work, I then had to find a baby equipment rental firm to kit us out with high chairs, stair gates and the rest. It took a whole week out of our trip just getting to that point.

But then everything opened up. As soon as we were situated, it felt that all of Sydney was open to us: we had a base to find local fresh grocers, nearby playgrounds, farmers markets, and cafés. 

That’s how it started. From that I realised that staying in a house was the way to go. Spending too much time going through uninspiring websites looking at uninspiring houses that claimed they were family friendly made me realise there was a real lack in the market for people who need the space of a home the most. And Kid & Coe is an elegant solution for traveling families. We’re online at www.kidandcoe.com.

© Kid & Coe.

Tell us why slowing down your travel was not an option when your family grew?  For you, what's irresistible about travel with kids?

There’s not one parent who travels with their kids out there who will say they enjoy preparing for a flight. 
The thought of it creates a pit of anxiety in my stomach. But the alternative is that you don’t go anywhere - and that’s no alternative for me. Traveling with kids is the most authentic way to show them that there’s a humongously beautiful world out there, and what better way to nurture curiosity, inquisitiveness and humanity. 

Why does a private home offer more to a family than a hotel?
It gives you a kitchen, space to breathe, and a home base. Many of our Kid & Coe properties have toys and are in family friendly neighborhoods. And you get a real home-from-home, live like a local travel experience that way - it’s so much more interesting.

Zoie on IbizaI understand you spend quite a bit of time on Ibiza.  So many think of this as an adults-only destination. Tell us why it's great for family too!
Ibiza needs a rebranding… there’s a whole side to the island that doesn’t revolve around nightlife! It has a very European and bohemian way of life. Nothing makes me happier than watching Luca running around naked on a beach with five other children, all of them speaking different languages but managing to communicate just fine. There’s a vibrant energy there that keeps me coming back. 

You are pretty well traveled....name us one place you haven't been yet and why you'd love to go!
I want to go to Patagonia, and I’d like to go to Cornwall. Patagonia - for pure, straight-up adventure. Cornwall because it seems so charming and quintessentially British. Brits do charming quaint eccentric loveliness so much better than anyone else.

What is your kid's favorite holiday destination?
They love Ibiza.

Is raising your kids as global citizens important to you? If so, how do you make it a reality?
Yes absolutely. Travel is essential for making that a reality and opening their eyes to different cultures.

Do you have a favorite CultureBaby product?
The Peruvian alpaca infinity scarf. And I’m pretty sure there would be battle to get the Spirit Hood wolf hat off of India Rose!

© Kid & Coe.

All images courtesy of Zoie Kingsbery Coe and Kid & Co. Published with permission. 

  • Natalia Rankine-Galloway
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