Preview Collection

Check in regularly at CultureBaby to shop our revolving preview collections. These limited time, limited quantity collections feature the work of artists around the world producing specially made items, often never seen in the USA before. Take advantage of their first appearance on CultureBaby and place your order before they even touch down on American shores!

This Month's preview collection comes to CultureBaby from Yucu Ninu out of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Order between now and the end of March to make sure you reserve your cushion. 

Designer Gayle Romay of Yucu Ninu is based out of Mexico City and is passionate about fair trade and supporting artisans and their traditional crafts. Each piece you'll find from their collection on CultureBaby can take weeks to months to complete. The traditional Otomi designs are inspired by local flora and fauna and are beautifully rendered in bright colors by women working within a women's cooperative at fair trade wages. By supporting these traditional artisans, Yucu Ninu helps to keep this ancient craft alive as well as supporting the families of the workers. 

Yucu Ninu takes its name from the title of a song by popular Mexican folk singer Lila Downs which speaks of the Yucuninu mountain which provides sustenance to local people and animals...apropos wouldn't you say?


Left: Teodora puts the final touches on her embroidery. Upper right: A close up on craftsmanship.

Lower right: The mountains around Hidalgo leading to El Nanthe where the embroiderers live.