Baby for Baby

When we become mothers, our compassion for all the world's children becomes closely interwoven with our love for our own babies.  We find it difficult to stand by and see children in need suffer, with their mothers powerless to help.

So CultureBaby is proud to join forces with Maternova Research to bring you our “Baby for Baby” Initiative to help make giving a part of every gift a baby and child. 

When you buy any of CultureBaby’s unique, international gifts you have the option to add a donation, in the amount of your choosing, to ensure that another mother and baby have a safe, clean birth and a better shot at life. You will receive an printable, emailed certificate so that your new mother will know the global connection your have forged between two new babies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about the "Baby for Baby" Initiative.

What is Maternova?

Maternova is the first global marketplace for technologies saving mothers and newborns.  

Their mission is to move maternal and newborn care into the 21st century by tracking and selling effective, low-cost technologies to make childbirth safer in low-resource settings around the globe. They make it easy for those who equip doctors, nurses and midwives to track innovation in maternal and newborn health and to buy pre-bundled tools to use overseas. Maternova tracks over 130 cutting edge technologies and sells products, to governments, non-profits, hospital chains, and faith-based organizations.

Maternova's not-for-profit subsidiary, Maternova Research, pursues exciting innovations in maternal and obstetric health to expand their utility and adoption in low income areas. All funds collected through CultureBaby's Baby for Baby campaign directly benefit their research. 

How does “Baby for Baby” work?

When you buy a CultureBaby gift, you will have the option to add a donation in the amount of your choosing.  Once your order is received, your certificate is mailed to you for printing. This certificate lets you or your gift recipient know that a donation has been made Baby for Baby. 

How much should I contribute?

Any amount will be appreciated.  

Can I contribute without buying a product from CultureBaby?

Yes, for a minimum contribution of $25.

Does CultureBaby contribute too?

Yes.  On regular and advertised promotion dates, Culture Baby will designate a portion of the day’s proceeds towards Baby for Baby or make an automatic contribution on the purchase of a new or sale item.  We also use many of our promotional events to raise awareness about maternal and infant health in the developing world through raffles of free CultureBaby merchandise.  Our beneficiaries are not charged for any processing, supplies or advertising.  

Where can I learn more about this issue?

Maternova (http://maternova.net) has lots of great information.  Also see the websites of The White Ribbon Alliance, UNICEF’s Maternal and Newborn Health initiative and the UN's Millennium Goals for Maternal Health, Every Mother Counts, and the  Million Moms Challenge.